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ABACATY ready to mix 

ABACATY avocado spirits immediately evoke associations with the lush green rainforest and Brazilian joie de vivre – making us forget everyday life while giving us the feeling of enjoying a holiday sunset with an exotic cocktail.

ABACACATY Avocado Cream Liqueur serving suggestions

Neat, on the rocks, in shots or in cocktails, ABACATY is delicious and wonderful in any season. ABACATY is much more than just a vegan alternative to advocat liqueur. The creamy all-rounder also goes perfectly with tea, coffee, cookies and desserts.

ABACACATY Avocado Dry Spirit serving suggestions

ABACATY Avocado Dry Spirit can be served neat, on ice or as an aperitif. ABACATY creates delicious highballs & cocktails with juices, tonic water or soda water (= Hard Seltzer) without much effort. It’s excellent for mixing with gin, rum, cachaça, tequila, vodka or dry sparkling wine.



Saúde & cheers!

Photography: Kim Weisswange Cocktails by Carsten Tiebel