Abacaty production

Naturally vegan


With full awareness of our social and ecological responsibility, SWANG GmbH has included sustainable development in its corporate strategy since the company was founded. 

Holism and sustainability are at the foundations of our work. 

Our products are manufactured by hand in a resource-conserving and painstaking way. This genuine craftsmanship allows us to fully exploit the potential of the valuable, natural raw materials and to create products of the highest quality, which fully develop their fragrance and aroma.

We ensure that the transport routes for our raw materials are as climate-neutral as possible.


We avoid genetically modified ingredients out of conviction. Our entire assortment is also vegan and produced without harming animals.


The world’s first vegan cream liqueur with avocado is a masterpiece of craftsmanship from the SWANG beverage company. 


ABACATY is made with neutral alcohol, in which avocados and natural botanicals from various South American countries, including Brazil and Mexico, are macerated.


We source our avocados from Spain because of the better ecological balance there. They come from the coast of Granada. The subtropical microclimate of this Spanish province is perfect for growing avocado. Resource-conserving cultivation, especially with regard to water consumption in Spain, was also very important to us. 


After the maceration phase, the solid components are filtered out of the preparation alcohol. The naturally flavoured ABACATY alcohol is then stored for six months in freshly emptied quarter cask white oak barrels from Brazil.


Barrel storage gives the ABACATY alcohol a multifaceted, exquisite rum note. The naturally extracted aromas captured in the alcohol are then gently concentrated using vacuum rotary distillation, making them even more present.


Finally, the alcohol is mixed with delicate vegan avocado cream, bringing it to an alcohol content of 17%. ABACATY is always fresh and produced in small batches in compliance with the IFS Food Standards. ABACATY quality control is carried out in tastings by the SWANG master blender and subsequent laboratory analyses.


Exquisite rum notes, sun-ripened avocados, finest vegan cream, vanilla and exotic spices as well as no artificial colours and flavours make ABACATY Avocado Cream Liqueur so wonderful.

Good to know


- 100 % natural ingredients

- Vegan and gluten free

- Lactose  and cholesterol free

- GMO free

- No artificial flavourings & no preservatives

- Environmentally friendly & resource conserving production

- Compliance with IFS Food Standards

- Without preservative substances

- Made in Germany