Quality products, made with love, creativity and passion: SWANG GmbH, under the management of master distiller & master blender Kim Weisswange, produces wonderful premium drinks in Hamburg.

Each bottle is produced, filled and labelled to the highest standards. We always take our time practising our craft in keeping with the motto “Don’t hurry, be happy”. It’s a level-headed approach in an increasingly hectic world. We use mainly ingredients from organic farming. Working sustainably and CO2 neutrally are a fundamental building blocks in SWANG GmbH’s approach.


But at the very end, it’s really all about the taste. And that’s where the SWANG team knows what it’s doing. All the deliberate attention to the small details in the production process are reflected in the wonderful taste.



SWANG GmbH not only supports indigenous peoples in Brazil, but also donates to people in need in Germany. As a sign of our appreciation and compassion, we provide free refreshments to the German Red Cross, for people who are saving lives on the front lines now, working against the effects of the coronavirus, and those who are defenceless against the crisis.

Economy and ecology aren’t opposed. SWANG GmbH supports nature conservation projects and is committed to the preservation of endangered animal species.

During times of scarce resources and global environmental problems such as climate change and the loss of biodiversity, corporate responsibility is becoming increasingly important.

The international projects we support focus on climate protection and conservation of biodiversity. We give preference to projects that, in addition to the practical conservation of nature, also improve the concrete living conditions of the local people and contribute to sustainable development.