Although people often talk about the avocado fruit, the avocado is actually a berry of the avocado tree – a laurel plant. Avocados are often called butter pears because of their creamy consistency, or alligator pears because of the texture of their skin. Avocados are considered fruits and not vegetables and are in season from January to April and again from August to December.


The best known avocado variety is Fuerte. It is large, green and pear-shaped and tastes particularly mild. “Hass” avocados are small and roundish and turn a dark purple to black colour when ripe. They taste slightly nuttier than the Fuerte avocados. Avocados originally come from southern Mexico and were already cultivated by the Aztecs. Like so many other foods, Spanish explorers brought them to Europe for the first time in the 16th century. Today, avocados are produced in California, South Africa, Chile, Peru, Australia and southern Spain, among other places.

We source our avocados from Spain because of the better ecological balance there. They come from the coast of Granada. The subtropical microclimate of this Spanish province is perfect for growing avocados. Resource-conserving cultivation, especially with regard to water consumption in Spain, was also very important to us.

How much water is needed to produce 1kg of:


Beef 15,490 liters

Roasted coffee 21,000 liters

Cocoa 27,000 liters

Fish 10,000 liters

Nuts 5,000 liters

Millet 5,000 liters

Pork 4,750 liters

Poultry 4,000 liters

Rice 3,500 liters

Eggs 3,500 liters

Coconut 2,500 liters

Soybeans 2,000 liters

Asparagus 1,500 liters

Wheat 1,400 liters

Gesture 1,300 liters

Abacaty Avocados 1,000 liters

Bananas 950 liters

Peaches 950 liters

Corn 900 liters



Avocados are real all-rounders: Their creamy-buttery consistency provides a wonderful flavour and a pleasant feeling of fullness, and the ingredients are also precious. The green fruit is healthy and nutritious: Due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids and the skin-protecting vitamins A and E, avocado is a fountain of youth for the skin. It is a good vegetable protein source for vegans, and avocado also plays a central role in low-carb diets because it contains practically no carbohydrates. Avocados will keep you sated for a long time due to their high protein content. While avocados have the highest fat content of all known fruits and vegetables, they are considered healthy fats due to their composition of many mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. 100 grams of avocado actually contains a good 200 calories.


The valuable unsaturated vegetable fatty acids have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. They also ensure that vitamins and nutrients can be absorbed easily by the body. Last but not least, they boost your metabolism so they can help you lose weight. 



ABACATY cream liqueurs with healthy fats, fewer calories and more flavor!  

With a little bit of fat, some spirits taste twice as good as a cream liqueur. Fat supports the taste. However, not all fat is created equal.


One of the healthiest fats is the avocado. Like alcohol, fat is also a natural flavor carrier. A spirit with a multitude of flavors is a real pleasure that gives us joy again and again. We use high-quality avocado oil so that everything tastes even more intense, drop by drop.


Many flavors can only properly dissolve in fat and thus fully develop their aroma. Volatile aromatic substances such as essential oils are often fat-soluble. ABACATY therefore uses avocado oil to emphasize these fat-soluble flavors. Our avocado oil is gently extracted from the pulp of fully ripe avocados from controlled organic cultivation. The ripe pulp is ground with sterile cold water, the oil is then gently separated using a centrifuge. In culinary terms, avocado oil can be compared to olive oil. It has a similar monounsaturated fat profile.


Avocado oil works best as a carrier oil for other flavors. That makes it ideal for our purposes. For this reason, the oil is deodorized so that it does not mask the smell and taste of the ingredients used in our spirits. The avocado gives our liqueurs an unsurpassable, creamy texture and provides a full-bodied aroma that can hardly be achieved by animal ingredients.

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