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It’s a culinary sensation! ABACATY avocado spirits are based on an old 17th century recipe from native inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest.

This old indigenous recipe has been reproduced now for the first time ever. And the result tastes fantastic!

ABACATY Avocado Cream Liqueur is a delicious low-alcohol spirit which combines the slightly fruity taste of sun-ripened avocados, exquisite rum notes, the finest vegan cream, vanilla – the “Queen of the Spices” – and exotic spices into a sensual pleasure.

ABACATY Avocado Dry Spirit is the clear, dry version of ABACATY. It’s a true discovery for those looking for a light, fresh pleasing drink. Fresh breeze in a cocktail glass!


ABACATY is a delicious vegan alternative to liqueurs made from animal ingredients while also offering so much more.

- Vegan, gluten, lactose and cholesterol free

- GMO free

- No artificial flavourings & no preservatives

- Natural ingredients

- Avocados from cultivation with a good ecological balance 


Gold and Double Gold for ABACATY Avocado Spirits

at the ‘San Francisco World Spirits Competition’

ABACATY is on everyone’s lips, not only inspiring spirit lovers but also making waves at several internationally renowned spirits competitions. But even the ABACATY team didn’t anticipate what would happen at the world’s most famous competition in the industry, the ‘San Francisco World Spirits Competition’. Before the official award ceremony, the team was overjoyed to find out that the two avocado spirits were favourites among the participants and that ABACATY seemed to be the ‘sleeper hit’ of the year. It was a dream come true! The world’s first avocado spirits not only took home the Gold award thanks to the ABACATY Avocado Dry Spirit, but also the top ranking with Double Gold awarded to ABACATY Avocado Cream Liqueur. The ‘San Francisco World Spirits Competition’ is considered the world’s best-known and most well-recognised competition for spirits from all over the world, and has been held annually for almost 20 years. World-renowned experts from the spirits industry taste the spirits individually as part of a ‘blind tasting’. The drinks are not in competition with one another, rather evaluated on their own terms. Spirits that can win over the experts with their excellent taste are rewarded with a medal. ABACATY Avocado Dry Spirit presented itself as a unique spirit with a taste that sets worldwide standards. ABACATY Avocado Cream Liqueur, on the other hand, now ranks among the finest products in the world with its award.



Carsten, approaches a drink the way a master chef approaches a dish: he draws on high-quality seasonal ingredients to create ABACATY cocktails for every occasion.


Indigenous peoples need our support!

Coronavirus is not the only thing that is threatening indigenous peoples:


The catastrophe in the jungle

Covid-19 is not just exploding in Brazil’s metropolises. Indigenous peoples in the Amazon region are particularly hard hit. Imported diseases have threatened Brazil’s indigenous people again and again.


In the 17th century, European conquerors discovered a drink called "Abacate", in what is now Brazil, among the indigenous people of the Amazon. It’s pronounced ABACATY, which is the Portuguese word for avocado. "Abacate", an alcoholic beverage of the indigenous people in Brazil, which was made with avocado by adding cane sugar and rum.

The ancestors of the indigenous peoples in the Amazon region inspired us to create ABACATY avocado spirits. So we would like to thank their descendants and support them.



We donate as a thank you to the indigenous population in Amazonia, 2% of our ABACATY annual sales goes to the human rights organisation Survival International. For decades, it has fought alongside the indigenous population in the Amazon region for the protection of their lands. Survival International’s prominent supporters include Richard Gere, Colin Firth, Gillian Anderson and Judi Dench.

Photos: Suvival International, David Lazar, Laszlo Mates, Jabin Botsford, Dado Galdieri.

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